My thoughts and experiences with the great online Fantasy Stockmarket game. Blogshares: Come on in and join the revelation....

Beginner's Guide to Blogshares!

My thoughts and experiences with the great online Fantasy Stockmarket game. Blogshares: Come on in and join the revelation....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogshares? Forget it...

Hey guys,

Have been caught up in World of Warcraft of late, I love that game!!! Havent bothered learning how the new ideas works, even though they arent that new anymore. If anyone can help me and tell me how to make east B$ then please do so. At the moment i'm trying to get rid of my B$2 Trillion by buying chips. So sell your chips to me ;) email me if you're interested.

Hoping that if i sell all my chips and hang onto them for a while i'll be able to make some money by reselling them. well, hoping tooo.....

Bye for now!!

Crackers ;)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Idea Math Help!

With the new idea math underway there is now no easy way to make heaps of B$ buy just buying expensive ideas. I came across this post from andika which may help you get your head around the new concept.
I still havent had any success with the new ideas market, but luckily for me I withdrew the majority of my $B before the change, phew.

Bye for now,
Crackers ;)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Idea Math

Hi all, Have been incredibly busy of late, have bought myself a new DELL notebook and its awesome! just waiting on the bluetooth mouse i ordered because I hate the little mouse pads. Blogshares is so much harder to play without a mouse. Anyways just signed in for the first time in a while and it looks like its not too far away from implementing the new idea math. I'm not sure how this is going to affect me, but i'm trying to get as much of my money out of ideas as possible. Still have over 1.5 Trillion!!!
Not to keen on the idea of losing it all. Does anyone know how its supposed to work? I cant seem to find any info on the idea to make money with the new ideas math. Hope it all goes well, and I dont lose my trillions...


Crackers ;)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why don't you take a chance!!!

Chance is the latest game to hit blogshares, and i'm addicted!!!!!! All you do is hit a button and for 10 chips you can win random prizes, such as shares, ideas, $B, and i've even won 2 pixels, Great idea Mr. Blogshares :)

Been a while since i've played, pick up my new laptop this weekend, so now i'll be able to play at faster speeds, than this old ancient desktop!!!

Look forward to posting more info soon.

Crackers ;)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blogshares back up??

Looks like the people at blogshares may have fixed the problems that have been causing the site to be down on and off for the last couple of weeks. I have been on uni holidays, so havent been playing much at all, too much drinking and socializing going on.....

I'd Just like to say that the blogshares crew have done a great job in making the game advance like it has, i've only been playing for 7 months or so and it has changed so rapidly and I still really enjoy the game, as do many other people. Judging by the feedback I have received from people the game seems to be well on it's way to becoming one of the great internet games.

Please feel free to leave comments on any of my posts or use the shoutbox down the left hand side of the page. I'll be adding more tips shortly, probably when I get back home for uni.


Crackers ;)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Players Tutorial Section

I found a beginners tutorial section on blogshares where players with tips, etc. have created blogs, similiar to mine. I have just today been added to the list. Feel free to check out the other blogs, they might provide some useful info.

Crackers ;)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Celebratory B$1 Billion Giveaway

To Celebrate my blog's new opening, I am giving away B$1 Billion to anyone who links to my blog from theirs. My mission can be found here. Enter now to get you B$.


Crackers ;)


Originally posted on 11th May 2006

I've been reasonably busy lately and have had to play blogshares alot less than usual. Came back online after my voting ban was lifted and found out about Sigma. This is just what the game needed.

Normally when you vote blogs into an industry you are reqarded with karma and chips. But when you discover blogs that are dead, or not blogs etc, and you reported them,you received nothing. Now you receive this new thing called Sigma, and also chips. SO now you can get chips easily, becasue there are so many dead blogs floating around, it will also help to make the index a bit cleaner with incentive to report dead blogs.

At the moment, there is no value for Sigma, I say we should be able to trade it in for Karma, but thats just my thoughts (mainly because i'm still so far off 750 karma). Or some sort of rewards system for reaching certain levels similiar to the way karma rewards works. :)

Let me know what you all think. For more info you can read the forum entry about Sigma here:

Crackers ;)


Originally posted on 5th April 2006

About 2 days ago I got 'caught' for inappropriate voting. My case went to deliberation and it looks like all my hard work in voting is about to get taken away from me. It was my fault, as I had not read the voting rules properly, so this is a warning to everyone. TAKE THE TIME TO READ THE VOTING RULES...... Imparticular theses 2 pages: Help node 15 & Help node 37.

I am currently sitting on 441 Karma, but they are planning to take 75% worth, which will leave me with about 110... :(

I'm not having a go at the people from blogshares at all, I accept what I have done is wrong and I will get over it, besides it's just a game, but I am warning anyone who does any voting to make sure you know the rules, because you will be punished for your actions.

Have a good day

Crackers ;)


Originally posted 9th March 2006

I have of late been playing around in the stock market and using artefacts to do hostile takeovers etc. etc. I have realised that to make some decent money I need to be able to use more artefacts, so I am now on the mission to get my Karma up to 750, so I can do just that.

Usually I use the tips page to find blogs that haven't been indexed, but lately only about 4-5 of them are actually in english. I made a post in the forums and have had heaps of responses of how to find english blogs that need indexing.

The best way I have found now is to use the search function, and type in a topic that your interested in and then vote on the 20 that show in results, most of which are unvoted. Simple!!! I Made about 100 Karma yesterday and hopefully a bit more today. To view the full Forum link, or to add any other techniques for voting you may know of, follow this link

Have fun,

Crackers ;)

A.E.L. ??

Originally posted on 20th February 2006

U may or may not have noticed this, but in the summary page for each blog there is a % known as the A.E.L. I had seen it many times but just ignored it. Today I noticed it had three *** next to it. I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and found this

"*** Artefact Efficiency Level - Estimate of Hype/PRD Performance."

This % is the amount in which the price is likely to rise or fall when using an artefact to hype or PR Disaster the blog.

Basically Hype and PR Disaster will have a much better effect if the A.E.L. is high. Very Interesting.....

Crackers ;)

Broadband WOOHOO!!!

Originally posted on 16th February 2006

Finally, I have broadband. High speed internet. About time. Now I can get the ideas off the idea market. Been a while since i've made a post. Actually running out of things to comment about. If anything interesting comes up i will make a post.

Actually, now that I think of it. I have been involved in helping reindex the places industry. Rantzalot is giving away billions for those of you interested in earning some B$. I have almost earnt 2 billion from it. Here's the link:

Until next time,

Crackers ;)

The Blogshares Toolbox

Originally posted on 5th February 2006

Once you get into playing blogshares more, you can appreciate the Blogshares toolbox because it has heaps of useful tools to help you do a variety of things.

Lately I am trying to collect all, or as any artefacts as I can. There is a very useful tool which allows you to see how many ideas you need to collect the artefacts that you haven't as yet obtained.

Take 30 minutes or so to check out the Players toolbox as it comes in very handy :)


Crackers ;)


Originally posted on 29th January 2006

I have been playing around in the share market again today. I managed to lose B$ 40 Billion or so. More than half my net worth..........DAMN IT!!!

The other day I bought some shares in one of the most expensive blogs and the p/e was 1. SO i bought them all for a reasonably small cost. I then used all the artefacts i could to boost the price. Then someone restructured the blog and i ended up with an extra B$10 Billion.

SO I thought this was an easy way to make money, so I tried it again. All was well, until someone decided to use their artefacts to boost up the share price of the ones i had just obtained. The p/e then dropped to 1 and the price dropped to basically nothing, losing all my hard earned B$. I didnt know this could happen, until now.

BE CAREFUL!!! its a risky game. lol, back to the drawing boards.

Crackers ;)

Power of an Artefact!

Orginally posted on 25th January 2006

You can build an artefact once you have 10000 ideas in a specific industry, providing an artefact exists of course. Artefacts have the power to do many things. Here is a brief rundown on the abilities artefacts have:

Hostile Takeover: This move allows the player to buy all non-owner stock for a particular blog in the artefact's industry at three times the market price. To perform a hostile takeover requires an existing 20% ownership of the blog.* - Very useful if you want to own an entire blogs share portfolio, other than the owners allocated shares.

Hype: This move enables the player to hype up the share price of a blog in the artefact's industry. The market price will rise by 20-50%. Repeated usage on the same blog within 24 hours will have less effect.* - Good to use just prior to selling shares to obtain a higher sell price. Be careful not to push the p/e over about 750, otherwise you won't be able to sell.

PR Disaster: This move enables the player to destroy the share price of a blog in the artefact's industry. The market price will drop by 20-50%. Repeated usage on the same blog within 24 hours will have less effect.* - Useful to reduce share price when the p/e is greater than 750 so a sale can be made

Industry Buzz: This move enables the player to increase the share price across the whole of the artefact's industry. The market price for blogs in the industry will rise by 5-10%.* - Increases the share price of all shares within the artefacts industry. Usually used to increase a shares price in 1 blog by a small amount as an alternative to "Hype".

Industry Slump: This move enables the player to decrease the share price across the whole of the artefact's industry. The market price for blogs in the industry will drop by 5-10%.* - Similiarily to "Industry Buzz" but decreases all share price within the artefacts industry. Often used as alternative to "PR Disaster".

Pressure Public: This move allows the player to acquire all public shares in a blog at half market price. The blog must be within the artefact's industry.* - Used to buy all the publicly owned shares in a blog at half the market price. Easiest and quickest way to buy shares. Also enables a larger profit to be made

Raid Blog: This move steals 20-100% of the idea commodities produced by a blog in the artefact's industry. Max. 500.* - Useful tool, but very hard to use. Ideas must be available for public purchase in the ideas market to be able to raid. A maximum of 500 ideas can be taken if you are quick enough before anyone buys them. High speed internet and patience are a necessity.

Restructure Blog: This move allows the player to acquire 5-20% of shares from each stockholder in a blog at 3x market price.* - Good to use if you want to own some shares that you currently don't have any of. When you obtain 20% of the shares (usually use "Restructure Blog" 2 or 3 times) then a "Hostile Takeover" can be used to obtain the remaining shares.

* Details taken directly from under the artefact description

Crackers ;)

The Long Karma Road

Originally posted on 20th January 2006

What's KARMA all about?? I still dont know exactly, but here's my rundown on it.

Karma is earnt from indexing blogs. (Voting new blogs into categories) This involves opening newly registered blogs that have not yet been categorised and seeing what they are about and categorising them accordingly.

Why get KARMA??

When you reach a karma level of 750 you can then moderate the votes and hand out chips for correct votes, which (as i understand) also earns you chips, which you can sell and make B$. A long winded process. I have been a member for about a month and have a karma level of 81. Gets very boring after a while. Hopefully when i get a faster internet connection i can do things quicker.

Still learning more about karma, very confusing i think

Crackers ;)

Sell Orders

Originally posted on 18th January 2006

Transferring money between players happens all the time, but you can't directly give someone B$. The best and easiest way to transfer money to another player is by creating a sell order.

The person who is going to be receiving the money buys a share in a blog and puts it up for sale at the price they want to receive. The player sending the money then simply goes and buys that 1 share. EASY!!!

If you want to try and setup your first sell order then I am willing to buy it off you. Visit my forum entry and earn yourself some serious cash.


Crackers ;)

Have You Got a Blog?

Originally posted on 15th January 2006

Blogs are the centrepiece in Blogshare, without them it wouldn't exist. Have you got a Blog yet? If you do you are already on your way to making some easy B$.

There are plenty of ways to make money and this is yet another easy example. In Blogshares, people sponsor missions all the time, missions vary in purpose and reward money. The best way to make money in Missions is to simply add a link to others Blogs on your blog. Click here to view the link exchange missions.

Some of the best deals I have seen is B$300,000,000 for a link. Do 4 of these and you have an easy Billion. Only problem is it may take a day or two for the user to check the mission and dish out the cash, other than that it's almost the easiest way to make money.

If you dont have a blog, create one. They are really easy to create. I made this one last month and am quite happy with the results so far. I am also offering B$100,000,000 for anyone who links to this page. So leave a comment if you have and I will send you the B$


Crackers ;)

Big Task!

Originally posted on 17th January 2006

For the past few weeks I have been buying ideas in the more expensive blogs around, those over B$100,000 each. Just last night I put a whole heap of bonds up for sale and when I logged in today I had a cash balance of over B$58 Billion. Now because my wealth won't increase much with this amount of money in cash, I will be spending quite some time trying to spend all my money on worthwhile ideas. A very long, tiresome and boring task at times. Can't wait till I get broadband, only 1 month to go.

If you have a heap of excess cash, spend it on ideas to increase you're net worth.

Crackers ;)

Blogshares Forum

Originally posted on 12th January 2006

One of the most useful resources in blogshares is the Forum, located here. Over the time I have learnt many things from fellow users and have posted questions myself. This is also the place to buy, sell and advertise the sale of ideas and chips.

Whilst looking through the posts I found a very interesting post to do with making money on ideas, which I have been talking about recently. I strongly suggest you have a browse of this thread:

The forum is also the p[lace to request artefacts, ask questions about the game, make suggestions, etc. etc. Very very useful place if you need to find something in a hurry.

Until next time...

Crackers ;)

Making Money in Ideas

Originally Posted on the 11th January 2006

Most ideas increase in price on a daily basis. Ideas under about a dollar are not worth buying, as they tend to decrease or not increase at all. Lately I have been investing in ideas and have spent around 7 Billion. I try and buy ideas worth over B$1000 each, as these can return a decent investment.

Basically the way I go about purchasing ideas is I keep refreshing the ideas market page until the next drop of ideas come. Then quickly look for a good deal and purchase before anyone else can. Its a frustrating process at times, as I only have dial-up, but a bargain can be made if you are willing to spend the time.

I have come across a few ideas worth over B$140,000 each, and within half a day they were already worth over B$1000 more. If you had purchased 1000 ideas at the price of B$140,000 by the end of a day you would have earnt about B$2000 an idea, increasing your worth by about B$2,000,000. If you have about 40 groups of ideas worth the same amount, then thats B$80,000,000 a day. Over a month you can be earning B$2.4 Billion.

So by buying these sort of priced ideas, you can increase your worth rapidly over a very short period of time. The hardest part is being the first person to get the ideas. After some experience you will come up with ways to get there before anyone else. High speed internet is definately a bonus!!!

Good Luck with the ideas purchasing

Crackers ;)

Ideas Market

Originally Posted on 4th January 2006

I have seen some people have been having troubles understanding the Ideas market. I'm still trying to understand things about it, but here is an attemp at perhaps answering your questions.

As I have previously mentioned blogs produce ideas in their respective industries. From what I understand the higher valued blogs will produce more ideas than a blog of a lower value. Ideas are produced each time a blog is re-indexed (not sure if they are produced at other times or not).

When an idea is produced it gets put onto the ideas market, which is simply a place that ideas are up for sale to the general public. Normally ideas get sold pretty quick, as lots of people are always hunting down 'rare' ideas to make $$$.

Rare ideas are normally classed by the amount of owners, the quantity of ideas sold and the number of blogs in the industry. The ones that go quick from the ideas market are the expensive ones. These give the biggest price rise per day.

Hope this helps with any questions? If not post a comment and i'll try my best.


Crackers ;)

Free $B

Originally Posted on 9th January 2006

When you first sign up to blogshares you only have $500, which is nothing and hardly enough to enjoy the game. When I first started I went onto the forum to see if anyone was kind enough to shout me a few thousand. You can view my post by clicking here.

As you can see, within a very short amount of time I became a millionaire, plus I got heaps of shares from other players who didnt post anything on the forum.

People are very generous when it comes to helping out newbies. If any newbies read this I will gladly donate $B 1-10 Million to anyone who contacts me, because I know how hard it is starting off with so little.

Just as an indication of how quickly you can build money, I have been a member since the 19th of December and am currently worth just over $10 Billion. By the end of december I was ranked 90th, which I think is pretty good. Havent had a very successful January as yet, but hoping to!!

Keep an eye out for my next post, I Have been playing around in the ideas market. Very fun. Will be giving a few pointers.

Until then....

Crackers ;)

Upgrade to Premium

Originally Posted on 1st January 2006

To become wealthy in blogshares involves the trading of shares and ideas, mainly ideas as you become richer, because it's very easy to get bored trading shares. After 2 days of playing blogshares I upgraed my account to premium, because the benefits are so great! no restriction on transactions being the best treat!

Now the tip for today is to get a premium membership if you are serious about this game! For only $15 US you get a full years worth, which I think is fantastic. Cost me only $21.01 Australian and im not regretting it for a minute!

My net worth now is over 16 Billion!! No bad for under a months play.

Only a small tip, but a very important one if you want to achieve success!!

Crackers ;)

Ideas and Artefacts

Originally Posted on 30th December 2005

Real industries in the real world produce commodities depending on the sort of business they are, ie. a saw mill produces wood products and a bakery produce a range of food products. On Blogshares a Blog also produces commodities, but all blogs produce the same type, this is called an idea.
As is with the real world, the greater the value of the business, the more commodities (ideas) that business will produce. Now you have that very brief outline of what an idea is you can learn to understand what an artefact is.

When you gain 10,000 ideas in a specific industry, you can create an artefact. Artefacts give you the ability to perform a whole range of functions on any blog within the artefacts industry. Some of these abilities are: stealing ideas, forcing buyouts of shares from other players, raising or lowering a blogs priice, and many more.


Blogs produce ideas.
Ideas are specific to the industry in which they were purchased.
An artefact can be bought when you have 10,000 ideas in the particular industry.
Artefacts can be used to affect market price and to steal ideas and shares.

Hope this makes sense.

Crackers ;)

P/E Interpretation

Originally Posted on 23rd December 2005

When I first started I had no idea what p/e was. Yesterday I finally understood a little about it, so I am going to spread my knowledge to those of you who are unsure about it.

The formula for calculatin p/e is (shares x price) / valuation. Now when I first read this it meant absolutely nothing to me, so I have come up with my own way of understanding p/e.

Basically p/e is an indication of a blogs ability to grow, or rise in price. The lower the p/e, the more room it has to grow.

So with this basic idea I will give a few examples. A blog with a p/e of 10, is likely to be more profitable than a blog with a p/e of 180. As mentioned previously buying shares in a blog usually increases the price, and also increases the p/e.

Now you have the basic idea there are a few other things to take note of. When a blogs p/e reaches an amount (usually anywhere between 230-300) the p/e will become red, this means that buying or selling may decrease the p/e, meaning the price per share is also decreasing. So try not to buy when the p/e is red and sell all your shares in that blog when it is red, otherwise your next sell will be less than the first one. Other variables can push up the p/e even further, meaning you will make more $ per share. But if the p/e goes over 750, you won't be able to sell, so try to sell before it gets to 750 for maximum profits! :)

So thats a brief rundown on p/e, hope it makes things clearer.

Crackers ;)

Making Money ($B)...

Originally posted on 21st December 2005

To make money in this game you need to buy and sell shares in a Blog.
A Blog, upon creation, is given a number of shares, usually 5000, the owner/creator of the Blog gets 1000 shares automatically. So there is usually 4000 shares left for the public to play with.

What you want to do is buy into a blog which is undervalued, then sell the shares when the price is of a greater value (obviously).

Blogshares has the best method for making money if you are just starting off. Click here and scroll down to "Basic Strategy! This is the easiest way to make money from your starting cash.

Small things to be careful of. Keep an eye on the p/e. I'm still trying to understand it fully, but buy when p/e is low, under 20 is great and sell when p/e is high, somewhere above 200.

Shortly, I will be talking about p/e and what to do to increase/decrease it. This is a very interesting topic to me and am still learning.

Crackers ;)

What is Blogshares?

This is a very difficult question, but basically, Blogshares is a site which links hundreds of thousands of blogs together and organises them into categories etc.
This collection of blogs could be referred to as being similiar to the stock market.
Each individual blog represents a company, and shares can be bought and sold when the price is low or high.
Each blog is organised into industries depending on its content. For example a blog written by a male from Sydney, Australia, containing information about christianity can be allocated to the following industries: Male, Sydney & Chrisitanity. If the blog is written in english it can also be allocated to the English industry.
Industries allow someone who is interested in a certain topic, to find blogs written by people regarding the particular area of interest.
Money can be made in blogshares by buying and trading shares, but the real money is made in the ideas market. Ideas are produced by shares in a particular industry. By using the previous example, when a blog is re-indexed, depending on it's value, will produce ideas. Ideas can be bought on the ideas market and if a rare or valuable one is found you can sell them to players for huge profit margins. Ideas also increase in value depending on the length of time you have them for. Increasing NET value.

Just a brief intro into the workings of blogshares, keep an eye out for more.

Crackers ;)

What is a blog?

Originally Posted on the 24th December 2005

Hi All, Welcome to my Blog, Hoping to spread my lack of knowledge to those with even lesser knowledge of the blogshare community. Basically I joined two days ago and am now worth over 20 million. Mainly due to the generousity of other bloggers.

The first tip I have for Newbies is to create an e-mail address dedicated to Blogshares. I used my normal address and it got flooded with emails once i started trading. I now use, it a free pop3 email address site, which allows me to access my email via outlook, which is fantastic.

Now for the brief introduction into what the hell blogshare is (even though I am still trying to figure it out). Firstly and todays topic will be:

What is a blog?

Now, no matter how many times I searched for this no one person had the same answer, and it almost sounded like nobody knew.

My interpretation of a Blog is: a 'weblog' conveing the authors thoughts, ideas, or anything else he/she wants to present in a chronological order. Blogs must be inputted by humans, and can be updated as frequently or infrequently as one likes. Blogs are similiar to a diary, journal, photo album in some cases and even a shopping list. Someones original thought being displayed to the public.

Although this is not a complete nor official description of a Blog it is what I have determined is the case over 2 days of being a Blogger.

Stay tuned for more info and as my wealth grows will be offering shares to newbs and all sorts of other gifts.



Next Stage completed. Drop down menu :) Not too far away now